Tyres- More than just Black and Round!!!

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There are few topics among Trackday Riders that spark more debate than that of tyres. One thing is certain, no matter how trick or special you think your bike is, your tyres are the one thing that have the biggest influence over your handling, performance, braking and most importantly enjoyment of your day.

So lets go over the basics before getting too specific.

For the Novice group rider, the majority of modern roadbike tyres that are available now (as long as they’re not designed for mega mileage or enormous, bulky touring bikes) are more than capable of providing safe, comforting levels of grip across a wide variety of weather and temperature conditions on the majority of surfaces you will encounter (as long as you stay out of the gravel!)

As your confidence, experience and of course, speed grows, you will of course start wanting a more dedicated or focussed tyre with more emphasis on Sport/Track riding than concessions to wet weather performance or mileage.  Each of the top manufacturers have their own solution for you, be sure to read reviews, ask other peoples opinion and experiment for yourself.  Also at this point you might want to think about investing in some TYRE WARMERS. These reduce the need for slower laps at the start of each session, can reduce wear on your tyres and boost your confidence in those early laps.

Once you are a dedicated Trackdayer, and your experience, speed and bike have evolved further, you will probably be looking at specific track focussed tyres or maybe even Slick tyres.  These will definitely need TYRE WARMERS to ensure they even reach the temperature range needed for them to work properly.

Regardless if you are a novice or dedicated fast group rider you must ALWAYS follow the manufacturers guidelines on tyre pressures, sizes and fitments for your particular bike.  If you are riding home after your Trackday, always check your pressures before setting off on the journey home.

Keep it rubber side down and HAVE FUN!!!